Lew Keilar Illustration

Time Lapse illustrations

Lew's high quality ink on paper illustrations of men and women suffering or affected by prostate cancer filmed and animated to become a process diary for the Prostate Council Of Australia.

This visual diary shows my working practice as I create illustrations for the PCFA's information campaign.
It was a bold step for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia using illustrations of real people affected by prostate cancer in their latest information campaign.
The new campaign designed by Sydney-based THURSDAY Design, is based on the idea that an illustrated likeness is a more abstract way to capture a subject than the time and place specifics of a photograph. The people depicted become more universally representative of all men and women affected by this disease- just what you want in images that are mastheads for information booklets designed to reach as many people as possible.
The video shows my technique of drawing directly to paper without tracing or prep-sketches in any way.

The video screened at the 2014 launch of the PCFA's Community Attitudes Survey held at The Mint, Sydney.
I produced, illustrated, filmed and edited the video for the PCFA. I also created the sound design and music from a loops library.