Lew Keilar Illustration

whiteboard animation

This video was submitted for screening at various short film festivals and is based on a script written by Lew Keilar.

A terrible revelation at a Valentine's Day dinner is overwhelmed by outside events.

A dramatic scene written as part of a short course on screen-writing was brought to life via whiteboard animation.

The title is a play on words for Deus Ex Machina, the ancient Greek theatrical device of having a godlike force come in at the ending of a human drama and resolve the conflict.

I worked with up-and-coming actor Molly May Patterson for the Voice Over. Molly's audition reading of the script was a perfect take on the character in both tone and accent.

Thanks to the director Craig Boreham for initiating the contact with Molly.

Thanks to Steve Smith for use of the musical drone underscoring the piece.

Written, Directed, Produced, illustrated, Edited by Lew Keilar.