Lew Keilar Illustration

RUM label

October 16, 2011

Getting published in the Illustrators Australia Awards edition of CREATIVE magazine lead to a workmate who'd returned from living in New York, getting in touch with me.
My new style, particularly the Beck portrait, sparked something within the design studio he introduced me to and the most amazing commission for a fresh new rum label ensued.

A quirky pirate character was needed and collaborating with the senior designer, one of my sketch options struck the right note and in a flurry of sketch-scan-email-review-feedback-new sketch, BUCKEYE emerged ernergised, spontaneous, complete.

It was an amazing process where art-director and illustrator trusted each others instincts and the brief was met as the deadline loomed.
Alas, my co-conspirators can't be named in this process as with any proper pirate process this , aHHharrgghh, me hearties, was a moonlighting gig.

These were the two final pirates used on the two labels.

These were the stages of the character development. Stage 4 was the turning point.

The pencil sketch at 6 also went through two inking stages that were abondoned because they lost the simplicity of this render. Can't beat necessity under pressure sometimes!

I also wrote a storyboard using the copy on the back label to show the potential for an animation. Alas budgets don't always cater for animations. Next time maybe!