Lew Keilar Illustration

Logical Questions To God

April 16, 2012

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After working with Jeff Duff on Dancing With The Jellyfish I wanted to make a second music clip with such a brilliant artist.

This was partly self-serving.

I found while making Jellyfish I never tired of Jeff's music; was always inspired by the level of musicianship in the performance; and his production levels reflected his many years as a professional, and still performing, musician.

I'd seen Logical Questions To God performed live at the Basement in Sydney at his album launch of FRAGILE SPACEMAN from which Jellyfish was drawn.

A jazzy, up-tempo, tightly performed song that had the audience in furious applause especially after hearing one of the best piano solos of the evening!

Having made Sunday Morning Skate EPRO set to a fast pace soundtrack I realised Jeff's track could accommodate a similar treatment. (See my 'film/animation' section.)

What followed over the following months was collecting tracking shots of churches, mosques, temples, statues, memorials, buildings, grafitti and roadsigns throughout Sydney and Melbourne and country Victoria and New South Wales all shot on rollerblades.

Jeff was shot on the hottest day in summer at the Waverly Cemetery in Sydney and was an absolute trooper providing brilliant footage under trying conditions. Truly the gentleman of Rock.

Thanks also to Steve Smith and Gerald Lee for their ideas, advice and assistance in making this clip.

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