Lew Keilar Illustration

Key Visualiser for leading Sydney advertising agency

August 1, 2016

screenshot 1  Lew with Brad Morris

These screenshots are from a facebook business profile about creative agencies that are excelling in getting digital right for their clients.

Cut and paste this to see the video: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/cracking-creativity-on-instagram

Lew's done extensive work with 303MullenLowe's BRAD MORRIS visualising his and the agency creative teams' ideas on a fast-turnaround basis, working in-house as part of their Hack Day creative approach. Essentially given free range to interpret Brad's and the teams' ideas in loose A3 sized pencil drawings.

In the agency conference room the client worked their way through all the ideas displayed and voted on what they liked to plan the digital and social media campaigns over the next six months.

Screenshot 2     A3 drawings onto the conference walls for review

These drawings have the advantage of taking the client directly to an idea and allowing them to be judged on their merits.

Mood boards and photo-manipulated images were the alternative but ran the risk of having ideas distracted by details in the presentation.

Client: "I don't like that kind of dog."

Agency: "We won't use that kind of dog."

Client: "What's with the shirt he's wearing?"

A sketch on the other hand immediately implied 'Work In Progress' and 'This is an Idea' or this is a dog but it's not a specific kind of a dog you have to worry about!

Screenshot 3    Lew working live after just getting the brief

Generally in a single day, producing key visuals extremely quickly, a full range of ideas was generated for presentation to the client the next day.

Screenshot 4     An example of Lew's loose pencil drawing style

This sketch was enough to inform the client the final illustration was going to be about the bike, was going to be fun and quirky and would take the viewer on an engaging journey.