Lew Keilar Illustration

Escape Velocity

April 16, 2012

Escape Velocity is my second animation project and can be viewed in the film/animation section.

Here's how the image of the hostess image came about......

Sometimes the 'cool' of something just grabs you.

The hostess in this throwaway scene from La Dolce Vita had a look in her eye that seemed to see into the distance with a detached knowingness.

In the movie she exits from the same plane that lands the highly exaggerated Anita Ekburg to the throng of paparazzi and is at complete counterpoint to the starlet.

The elegant hat, the cool gaze and the odd shape to her hand holding her handbag strap.

I added the plane later from memory and in doing so found a butterfly that was already on the sketchbook page could be incorporated into the now growing scenario.
Sketchbooks can be like that!