Lew Keilar Illustration

BYRON BAY FILM FESTIVAL- 'Ray' gets it's last screening

March 15, 2014

Had a memorable weekend at the first weekend of the fabulous Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Co-writer Steve Smith and I were feted as VIP guests with our short film Ray Kurzweil and The Singularity getting it's last public screening in a film festival.

What a way to put it to bed as a project.

It's hook as a narrative rested on the question 'why does Hollywood always portray Artificial Intelligence as dumber than humans?'

Films like Spike Jonze's Her and Johnny Depp's Transcendence are finally breaking that mold and I can't in all honesty keep that line of interrogation going.

At the festival we had a lively Q and A after the screening and having spontaneous applause break out as the credits rolled was an unexpected vindication for all our work in producing it.